The Internuts Podcast! Humorous chats about pop culture oddities and internet annomolies.

August 1, 2011  
The Internuts Podcast is a comedy program hosted by Philadelphia writer/musician/person, Chris Hurdle.  Each month, Chris is joined by guests from the world of comedy as well as his funny friends to explore the very worst the internet has to offer.  Every episode, the gang is tasked with trying to make sense of abysmally dumb posts from Craigslist, Yahoo Answers, and the terrifying world of Fan Fiction. 
TV Craps is a sporadically released podcast hosted by Chris Hurdle and his patient girlfriend, Thelma Weinstein.  Every now and then, Thelma and Chris watch a randomly chosen hour of television and use it as a jumping off point for discussing all things TV.  Also, they drink wine.