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December 23, 2013  

Season’s Greetings!  

Hopefully your halls are decked, your trees are trum, and your eggs have been sufficiently nogged!  Like many of you, I’ve been tremendously busy during the month of December.  So busy, in fact, that I have had no time to properly edit this episode.  DON’T PANIC.  Think of this as the first ever RAW Episode of The Internuts Podcast!  This time around, your imagination is the editor!  Didn’t like that last joke?  IMAGINE A FUNNIER ONE!  Offended by that racial epithet?  PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED!  Do you wish this was a Game of Thrones podcast?  USE YOUR BRAIN TO MAKE IT THAT!  Join Thelma Weinstein, Glen Tickle, Sebastian the Mall Santa, Karl and Myrtus Whitman, the disembodied voice of James Brown, and myself as we learn the true meaning of the Winter Solstice.  Happy Holidays, friends, and we’ll see you again in 2014!



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